A Military Confrontation with Russia over Syria?

A military confrontation with Russia over the Syrian regime alleged use of chemical weapons will not take place, and here is why:

Since the summer of 2016, we have been under the influence of Uranus/Neptune semi-square (45°). As I have written previously, “…its influence is all smoke and mirrors… It can only create a sense of inevitable doom, but not the doom itself.”

A similar situation between the U.S. and Russia occurred at the end of the Yom Kippur War in 1974, during which Israel, armed by the U.S., fought against Egypt and Syria armed by Russia. The Arabs were losing badly, and Russia threatened to send its troops to the Middle East to save its allies. The Americans and Israelis blinked first, and the Israeli troops halted their advance into Egyptian and Syrian territories.

Decades later, the old Soviet archives were open to the public, and we learned that the Russian leaders had no intention of sending their troops to the Middle East, and all their threats were just empty rhetoric very much what can be expected during a Uranus/Neptune semi-square.

Now, 43 years and 1/4 of 173-year of their cycle later, Uranus and Neptune are once again separated by a 45° angle. Once again, this planetary influence brought the U.S. and Russia to conflict—so far only verbal—over a war in the Middle East.

I do not know who will blink first this time, but I am reasonably certain that Russia and America will NOT go to war over Syria, and all the threats are just theatrics and posturing, as are most of the political games played during a Uranus/Neptune semi-square.

I still stand by my previous forecast that tensions between the U.S. and Russia will deescalate dramatically within the next three years. Most likely, this will occur through a personal contact of their leaders. Perhaps President Trump will go to Moscow this year or next, as did President Nixon in 1972.