Astrological Formula of Coronavirus

The timing of the coronavirus pandemic is not accidental. Like everything under the sky, it follows a precise astrological formula as did all other pandemics that preceded it. Since 1200 B.C., thirty-two worldwide pandemics occurred. I will publish an astrological analysis of each of them in my forthcoming book, Coronavirus: An Astrological Forecast. Here is the summary of this analysis. 

Three Astrological Formulas of Pandemics

Twenty-seven of all thirty-two pandemics (84%) took place during Uranus/Neptune and/or Neptune/Pluto stressful aspects. Base on my research, I developed three Astrological Formulas of Pandemics, and each of these formulas includes a stressful aspect of Neptune either to Uranus or Pluto or to both.

97% of all pandemics occurred during stressful aspects of Saturn either to Uranus or Neptune or Pluto at the onsets of these pandemics as well as at the end of this pandemics. Most pandemics, especially in modern times, tend to last for a year or two ending when stressful aspects that caused them are no longer in effect. Pandemics of long duration still start with one Saturn stressful aspect to Uranus or Neptune or Pluto and ends with another. So, each of these three formulas also include at least one such aspect of Saturn.

First Astrological Formula of Pandemics: Pa=U/N+S

Pa stands for a pandemic, U—for Uranus, N—for Neptune, U/N—for Uranus/Neptune stressful aspects. S stands for Saturn stressful aspect to Uranus or Neptune or Pluto. Such aspects include conjunctions (0° between the planets), semi-squares (45°), squares (90°), sesqui-squares (135°) and oppositions (180°). 

This formula will not be surprising to students of Astrology. Neptune, God of seas and oceans in Roman mythology, is traditionally associated not only with water, but also with all liquids, including the bodily fluids. Unfortunately, these bodily fluids also include those that transmit infections. As my research confirms, stressful aspects of Neptune to Uranus and/or Pluto coincide with pandemics.

Uranus, Sky God in Roman mythology, stands for creativity, freedom and sudden revolutionary changes. Under stressful aspects, it also associated with disasters that come suddenly and unexpectedly. Thus, the current coronavirus pandemic appeared suddenly and spread very rapidly during Uranus/Neptune semi-square, while drastically altering our lifestyle worldwide. 

Saturn stands for restrictions, difficulties, troubles and hardships. It also stands for the structural elements, such as bones and ligaments in the body, as will as social structures. Naturally, a stressful aspect of Saturn to Neptune, Uranus or Pluto stands for breaking down of personal and social structures, and this is what normally occurs during all pandemics, including the current one.

 Second Astrological Formula of Pandemics: Pa=N/P+S

P in this formula stands for Pluto, God of Death in Roman Myths. N/P stands for a stressful aspects of Neptune (infection) to Pluto (death). This formula does not apply to the current pandemic.

Third Astrological Formula of Pandemics: Pa=U/N/P+S

In this formula, U/N/P stands for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto forming simultaneous stressful aspects to each other. This formula does not apply to the current pandemic either.

Astrological Formula of Coronavirus: PA=U/N+J/S/P

Astrological formula of the coronavirus pandemic is almost identical to the First Astrological Formula of Pandemics, except Jupiter is added. So, J/S/P stands for the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

This formula will allow us to make a prognosis on how this pandemic will progress and when it will end. To read more, log on Astrological Analysis of Coronavirus.