Biden or Trump?

”…stressful planetary aspects during the election year shown on Chart 16 will make his (Trump’s) re-election highly unlikely.” This is what I wrote in my book, Impeachment or Not: Future of Trump’s Presidency, published in 2017. Indeed, he lost. Half of the voters disagree saying that the election was fraudulent. Then Trump lost in a fraudulent election, but lose he did. However, he is still in the White House, has no intention to move out, and there are still many ways, legal and illegal, that may allow him to keep his presidency. In fact, it is even likely that he will.

In the same chapter of this book, I also wrote: These planetary influences may provide him with a chance— however slim—to pull it out one more time and win the election in 2020.” Obviously, in 2017, I was not able to say for whether or not Trump will get re-elected. At this point, it appears that both of my predictions may be accurate. Trump may be able “…to pull it out one more time…” by winning the election when the legal battles are over. 

2020 Election: Class Struggle in Modern Times

The 2020 election, the most scandalous and contentious in the U.S. history, is not about Biden and Trump, nor is it about Democrats and Republicans. These two men and two political parties are just the symbols of the CLASS STRUGGLE involving billions of people around the globe. The main antagonists in this class struggle are Globalists and Deplorables. The latter was the name given to Trump’s voters by Hilary Clinton. To read more log on Globalists vs Deplorables. In a long run, the Globalists will surely win, but it will take them a few centuries to subdue the Deplorables. In the next three years however, Deplorables will have the upper hand. As a result, it will be the President of Deplorable, who will be inaugurated in the White House on January 20. And here is why: 

Globalization Era

At the end of the previous century, our world underwent a monumental transformation: the Soviet Empire collapsed thus ending the Cold War, the Internet revolution took place, and China turned capitalist to became a world superpower. This occurred due to four rare cosmic phenomena that converged in about the same time, and a New World Order emerged as a result. International mega corporations, especially those involved in information technology, were the main beneficiary in this New World Oder. To read more, log on Who Rules the World Really? Their economic and political power has grown so enormously that they were able to influence, possible even determine the outcome of many presidential elections around the globe, including in the most powerful nation on earth in 2020.

The combined influence of 559-year Eris rotation cycles that began in 1978, 248-year Pluto rotation cycle that started in 1989, 593-year Neptune/Pluto cycle that started in 1892, and 173-Uranus/Neptune cycle that started in 1992, all will favor these international mega corporations for 800 plus years. So, I assign the combined influence of these cycles as 12 in favor of Globalists and their President Biden. 

Uranus/Neptune Semi-Square

With Trump’s election in 2016, Deplorables have temporarily prevailed during Uranus/Neptune semi-square in 2016-19. The influence of this semi-square is reactionary. It has temporarily reversed the globalization process, during which some of the excesses of globalization have been reduced. Besides, the influence of Pluto/Eris square and Chiron/Uranus semi-sextile manifested in robust economy and rise of the stock market, which contributed to the popularity of Donald Trump thus benefiting Deplorables. Obviously, in 2016-19 the influence of Uranus/Neptune semi-square was stronger than that of the four long-term converging cycles that ushered the Globalization Era in 1989. From December 2020 through January 2021, Uranus/Neptune semi-square will not be exact. However, it will be joined by the Nodal T-square to Neptune, and Nodal semi-square to Uranus. So, I assign the influence of these aspect as 14 in favor of Deplorables.

Triple Conjunction

In January 2020, a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto came in effect. The influence of this triple conjunction brought about the pandemic, quarantine and worldwide economic collapse, all blamed on Trump and other populist leaders, while providing a huge boost to the Globalists. The influence of this triple conjunction was the strongest when either Jupiter or Saturn formed an exact conjunction to Pluto. The last time it occurred during Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in mid-November 2020. This was the time when the Trump campaign faced its darkest hour. So, I assign number 15 to the influence of this conjunction in mid-November. However, this influence has been rapidly diminishing with Jupiter and Pluto orbiting away from their conjunction. As of November 27, it is 0.

Pluto Return

With Jupiter orbiting away from its conjunction to Pluto and moving toward its conjunction to Saturn in December 2020, while Uranus and Neptune are coming closer to their semi-square in March 2021, the Wheel of Time has begun to favor Deplorables. They will have the upper hand through 2023 due to Pluto return to the place it occupied during the War for Independence. Frankly, it were not the city intellectuals—there were very few of them at the time—but the 18th Century Deplorables who fought in this war on the American side against the all-powerful British GLOBAL Empire. Pluto return will favor them one more time in 2021-23 as it did in 1775-83. Prior to Pluto return, both Jupiter and Saturn will be forming a conjunction to Pluto in the U.S. chart through mid-December. So far in 2020, such conjunctions favored Deplorables. Thus, Saturn conjunction to Pluto in the U.S. chart manifested in massive Trump rallies in October-November 2020. Jupiter conjunction to the U.S. Pluto is likely to do the same. So, I assign 5 to the influence of Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in December in favor of Deplorables.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

The sign of Aquarius is associated with social media. Since Saturn entered the sign of Aquarius at the end of March 2020, all social media mega corporations have been censoring Deplorables. Pluto will continue transiting through Aquarius for about 2.5 years. So, expect such censorship to continue. However, Jupiter, which stands for expansion, will enter Aquarius in December. As result, Deplorables will find ways of delivering their message bypassing the social media. Besides, the social media may be censored as well. So, the influence of the social media in December-January will be greatly reduced. Nevertheless, another in favor of Globalists.

Uranus/Pluto Bi-Septile

Now and through mid-May 2021, Uranus will form bi-septile (2/7 of 360°) to Pluto. The influence of this aspect is likely to be similar to 2.5-septile formed by Neptune and Pluto during the War for Independence. Therefore, I assign the value of this aspect as 3 to Deplorables.

Deplorables Will Win

So, it is 14+5+3=22 for Deplorables and 12+3=15 for the Globalists. So, Deplorables will win in December-January and by a large margin of 7. Does it mean Trump’s second term? Most likely, but not necessarily. Let’s examine transits to his and Biden’s chart in the coming months.

Transits to Trump’s Chart

 Pluto forms a conjunction to Trump’s vertex while forming an opposition to Saturn in Trump’s chart thus triggering a system of close quintile aspects there. At the same time, Eris forms a T-square to Trump’s Saturn, and Ceres and Mars will join this stressful configuration in the second half of December. Overall, the influence of the stressful aspects here is stronger. Therefore, I assign this configuration the number in Globalists’ favor.

Jupiter’s opposition to Trump’s Venus triggers multiple quintiles in his chart. Therefore, I assign in Deplorables’ favor here.

Uranus has been forming a semi-square to Trump’s Sun in November, and this aspect will remain in effect through first half of December. In the second half of December and through January, Uranus will be forming a wide semi-square to his Nodes and the Moon. These aspects indicate legal challenges. Therefore, I assign here in favor of Globalists.

Now and through January, Pluto will be forming a trine to Trump’s M.C. This would be to Deplorables.

From September 2020, Neptune has been forming a square to Trump’s Uranus. This aspect will remain in effect through January 2021. Also in January, Jupiter/Saturn conjunction will form a sesqui-square to Trump’s Uranus. Under somewhat similar planetary aspects in October, he contracted the virus. Therefore, there is a distinct possibility that Trump could have serious health challenges in January. Therefore, I assign in Globalists’ favor.

In December 2020 and in the first half of January 2021, the Nodes will be forming conjunctions to the Nodes in Trump’s chart while also triggering a few quintiles and septiles there. This is a very powerful positive influence that has a flavor of destiny. I assign 10 in favor of Deplorables here.

Summary of Trump’s transits: 5+6 +6=17; 2+3+10=15. Thus, in Globalists’ favor.

Biden’s Transits

At the time of the election and the original votes counting, Jupiter/Pluto conjunction formed a trine to Biden’s M.C. thus contributing greatly to his success. Unfortunately for him, this aspect is no longer in effect.

In January 2021, Pluto will form an opposition to Jupiter in Biden’s chart while also forming a sesqui-square to Saturn there. The influence of this aspect will be minimal in December-January. So, only goes to Deplorables.

In December and January, Uranus will form a sesqui-square to Biden’s M.C. while also forming a square to Biden’s Pluto. Here, goes to Deplorables.

Summary of Biden’s transits: 1+5=6 in Deplorables’ favor.

Trumps Wins Again

As discussed above, the summary of planetary aspects favors Deplorables by a margin of 7. Transits to Trump’s chart that may influence the election are a mixture of positive and negative, with the negative transits prevail slightly: in favor of Globalists. Transits to Biden’s chart that matter in the election are all negative. Their combined influence is in Deplorables’ favor. In summary, 7+6-2=11 in favor of Trump. So, most likely, DEPLORABLES WILL HAVE THEIR PRESIDENT INAUGURATED ON JANUARY 20, but will it be Donald Trump?

Neither Biden Nor Trump?

Any U.S. president will have to face enormous challenges during his second turn in 2021-24. If he is indeed elected, will Donald Trump be up to it? Probably not. He may get seriously ill as early as in January 2021 due to Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune forming stressful aspects to his Uranus, the ruler of the House of Health in his chart. In February 2021, Saturn/Uranus square will negatively affect his Sun and Moon. Then, for about 2.5 years Saturn will transit his House of Health pointing to illness. His heart, prostate and colon may be affected. So, his Vice President may have to take over at least temporarily. After all legal challenges are settled, it is a likely that Congress will elect the next president. If this will be the case, Congress may elect someone else rather than Trump due to his illness.

Unfortunately, the struggle between Globalists and Deplorables will not end with anyone’s inauguration in January 2021.  Instead, it will continue at least through the beginning of 2023. To read more, log on American Second Civil War. Regardless, there is absolutely no reason to be dismayed. The current COLD CIVIL WAR WILL NOT BECOME A SHOOTING WAR. In spite of this conflict, or maybe because of it, the world economy, living standards and general sense of wellbeing in 2022-32 will be the best in human history. To read more, log on Bright New World.