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Twilight of the Gods is a Scandinavian myth immortalized by Wagner that depicts a war between the Northern Gods and Giants in which the Gods perished. Nothing is eternal under the sky, and even the Gods who had ruled the world for thousands of years were still mortal.  Explosive Growth In our time, the all-powerful Information […]

Biden or Trump?

”…stressful planetary aspects during the election year shown on Chart 16 will make his (Trump’s) re-election highly unlikely.” This is what I wrote in my book, Impeachment or Not: Future of Trump’s Presidency, published in 2017. Indeed, he lost. Half of the voters disagree saying that the election was fraudulent. Then Trump lost in a fraudulent election, but lose he […]

Globalists vs Deplorables

The 2020 election, the most scandalous and contentious in the U.S. history, is a culmination of the Cold Civil War that began with Trump’s impeachment in December 2019. This occurred when Eris, a newly discovered planet that stands for revolutions and civil unrests, and Pluto, which stands for death and destruction, both formed stressful aspects […]

American Second Civil War?

In the last several months, several articles appeared in reputable media outlets about a possibility, of the Second Civil War in the U.S. These articles were echoed by high profile politicians and academics from both sides of the political divide. Ordinary Americans also share this sentiment. A poll conducted last June by Rasmussen Reports found […]

Will President Trump Recover from Coronavirus?

On October 1, 2020, Trump tested positive for the Coronavirus. Will he recover fast enough to repeat the miracle of 2016 in 2020 and “Make America Great Again” for four more years? Will the most admired and at the same time most hated president in the U.S. history besides Lincoln survive this “Chinese Plague?”  The […]

Coronavirus Vaccines and Treatments: Astrological Forecast

The number of cases in the U.S. will be rising until mid-November due to Saturn and Pluto orbiting close to their conjunction in September-October, and Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in mid-November of 2020. After mid-November, the pandemic will start winding down and practically end by April 2021. To read more, log on Coronavirus Pandemic: Astrological Forecast for the […]

Coronavirus Conspiracies

Since the start of the pandemic, many conspiracy theories have been circulating on the web accusing a few prestigious institutions, such as Johns Hopkins University, and some famous people, including Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci, of manufacturing the coronavirus. I do not know for sure if such theories are correct or not. Nevertheless, from my […]

Coronavirus Pandemic: Astrological Forecast for the U.S.

This post may appear too technical to many of the readers unfamiliar with astrology. If this is your case, glance through the whole text and pay attention to the italics. From the end of July through the beginning of August 2020, the number of the daily new cases is likely to decline slightly. From the second […]

“Mostly Peaceful” Protests: An Astrological Forecast for 2020

This astrological forecast may be depressing to many of my readers since it is about the rise of violence in the coming months. This violence reflects the birth pains of the new Saturn/Pluto 33-year Astro-Economic Cycle, which coincided with the America’s National Identity Crisis in 2020-23. Every birth is painful, and so is every crisis. Nevertheless, in […]

Bright New World: An Astrological Forecast for 2020-35

My current astrological forecasts published on my site as well as on FB may have appeared quite depressing to many of my readers since they were focused on the birth pains of the new Saturn/Pluto 33-year Astro-Economic Cycle, which coincided with the America’s National Identity Crisis in 2020-23. Every birth is painful, and so is every crisis. […]

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