Coronavirus Conspiracies

Since the start of the pandemic, many conspiracy theories have been circulating on the web accusing a few prestigious institutions, such as Johns Hopkins University, and some famous people, including Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci, of manufacturing the coronavirus. I do not know for sure if such theories are correct or not. Nevertheless, from my two-month research of thirty-two pandemics that occurred since 1200 B.C., I do know that the timing of the current pandemic is not accidental. Instead, it appeared right on schedule and now follows the same astrological formula as did all other pandemics that preceded it. To read more, log on Astrological Formula of CoronavirusSo, most likely Covid19 pandemic is a natural phenomenon as all other pandemics have been. Then, how can we explain the fact that some virologists predicted its emergence years ago? Very simple, they either hired another astrologer who conducted a research similar to mine or used other methodologies of forecasting as good as astrology.

Even if I am wrong in dismissing such conspiracy theories, and indeed someone did create this virus and then let it loose, the course of the pandemic, artificially created or not, would still be the same.

There are also conspiracy theories that claim that there is a worldwide organization of super intelligent and super wealthy individuals called Masters of Money by Russian bloggers. These Masters of Money use their enormous economic and political influence in imposing a quarantine upon most of the world population, thus ruining the national economies and scaring people into submission.  Supposedly, the future COVID19 vaccine would contain a mind-altering chip to control us, or this vaccine would sterilize or perhaps even kill a great number of people reducing the world population to the desirable number of one billion. 

Once again, I do not know if these Masters of Money are indeed trying to take over the world. However, I do know that the power of the multinational mega corporations and their political influence has been growing very rapidly since the beginning of the New Globalization Era in the 1990s. Based on the planetary aspects, I am reasonably certain that these corporations will succeed in taking over the world, but it will take them a few hundred years.

The current Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction indicates that the pandemic and the way the nations respond to it with a quarantine, as well as simultaneous rise of street violence worldwide may be an attempt of a hostile takeover of the planet by these super intelligent and super wealthy who own multinational mega corporations. With or without conspiracy, they act as a cohesive group because they are bound by their identical interests.

Regardless of who or what caused the pandemic, Masters of Money are trying to seize the opportunity provided by the current events. So far, they have succeeded in ruining many businesses worldwide, dramatically increasing their profits and eliminating many of their competitors. Nevertheless, their attempt in ruling the world will fail in 2020, as it failed many times before. As a matter of fact, all such attempts to drastically change the course or history—and there were quite a number of them in the past—have failed. Masters of Money are too arrogant to realize that we, ordinary humans, are highly adaptable in crisis, and many of us are as intelligent as they are. Masters of Money underestimate the rest of us and therefore cannot succeed.

With the vaccine—effective or not, dangerous or not—it will be a matter of simple human corruption that will cause their failure. The vaccine certificates anywhere around the world will be issued to anyone for a small bribe without the test; there will be a lack of equipment; the equipment will not work; and the results will be falsified. Those who will be responsible to administer the vaccine will not even bother to go to favelas in Brazil, Indian slams or face the homeless in the U.S.; surely they will not risk their jobs by insisting in vaccinating the upper classes. There are enough guns in the U.S. to equip an army of many millions. Will the defunded police risk their lives in enforcing the unpopular law of the mandatory vaccination? Pluto now is in the same position as it was at the start of the War for Independence. In 2021-23, this planet, associated with death and destruction, will be close to the place it occupied in 1776. Will the U.S. government—no matter who gets elected—risk another revolution by forcing the heavily armed populace to vaccinate?

Even if the vaccine is designed to inflict harm upon us, the vaccination will not produce such intended results. There will be many competing vaccines and treatments produced in the beginning of 2021 under Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. Some of them will be great, others mostly harmless and useless. Uranus/Neptune semi-square is the time of fake news, mass delusions, and political theater. It can only produce the gloom, but not the doom. The conspirators—if they indeed exist—would be fooled and deceived themselves.

At the worst, some vaccines will be just another minor harmful influence added to other millions of harmful influences in this very imperfect world, such as cellular phone radiation or pesticides. Nothing more than that. There is absolutely nothing in the planetary dance indicating mass sterilization or mass murder of a great portion of the human race. Just the contrary, Neptune/Pluto sextile in 2021-36 points to prosperity, peace between the nations, and a more just and noble world order than the one existing today. Even in the troubled 2020, Chiron/Uranus semi-sextile will ensure that nothing really bad will ever happen on a grand scaleIgnore the gloom, the doom will never come!