Coronavirus: An Astrological Analysis

Is our life going back to normal in a month or two? Unfortunately, this will not happen. The Coronavirus pandemic will continue at least through March 2021. In some countries, it may linger much longer. And here is why:

I studied thirty-two worldwide pandemics that occurred since 1200 B.C. Based on this research, I have developed three Astrological Formulas of Pandemics. (To read more, log on Astrological Formula of Coronavirus.) One of this formula applies to the current coronavirus pandemic. 

Astrological Formula of Coronavirus: Pa=U/N+ J/S/P

Pa stands for the number of new cases of the coronavirus pandemic, U—for Uranus, N—for Neptune, J—for Jupiter, S—for Saturn and P—for Pluto. U/N is an abbreviation for Uranus/Neptune semi-square (45° between these planets), J/S/P—Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunctions (0° between these planets). In plain language, this formula illustrates that the severity of this pandemic depends on the movements of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. If this formula is correct, the number of new cases should increase when Uranus and Neptune approach their semi-square and decrease when they move away from it. The same would apply to Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn/Pluto conjunctions: the number of new cases should increase when Jupiter and Saturn approach their conjunctions to Pluto and decrease when they move away from it, and this is exactly what has happened.

Mathematical Precision

Since the onset in December 2019, the coronavirus pandemic has been following the above formula with mathematical precision. At the onset of this pandemic in December, Saturn was entering its conjunction to Pluto, while Uranus and Neptune were already within 3° of their semi-square and moving toward it. In mid-January, a rare cosmic phenomenon took place. As Saturn/Pluto conjunction became exact, it was joined by conjunctions to both Saturn and Pluto from the Sun, Mercury and Ceres, the latter being a large asteroid associated with sickness and medicine. So, five cosmic bodies appeared at the same place at the same time, which is very rare. In addition, Mars and Venus formed semi-squares to this conjunction, while Eres, a large asteroid historically associated with disorder, discord, war and civil unrest, formed a square to it. Meanwhile, Uranus/Neptune semi-square, also historically associated with pandemics, was almost exact, only 1° off, from January through March 2020.

Under the stressful influence of these ten heavenly bodies, the coronavirus infection began to spread outside of China, reaching East Asia, Australia, Europe and North America by the end of January. In March, Jupiter, historically associated with expansion, was approaching its conjunction to Pluto, associated with death. Due to the combined influence of Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto (death) the infection was spreading with unprecedented speed reaching most of the globe by the end of March. After Jupiter/Pluto conjunction on April 5, both Jupiter and Saturn were orbiting away from their conjunctions, while Uranus and Neptune began to move away from their semi-square. As a result, the spread of infection significantly decreased, and the number of new cases worldwide remained essentially the same through April and the first decade of May. Obviously, Saturn and Jupiter moving toward their conjunctions to Pluto has correlated with the increase of the spread of this pandemic, while their move away from the conjunctions coincided with reduction of this speed. The movement of Uranus and Neptune toward and away from their semi-square produced the same effect. 

It is noteworthy that every time when the Sun, or Mercury, or Venus or Mars formed stressful aspects to Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, the number of new cases spiked. This occurred on April 5 during Mars/Neptune semi-square, April 9 during Mars/Uranus conjunction, April 19 during Venus/Pluto sesqui-square, April 25 during Sun/Uranus conjunction, and May 3 during Venus/Neptune square.

When Will It end?

The coronavirus pandemic will end only when the planetary aspects that caused it will no longer be in effect, and this will happen in April 2021. For more information on how this pandemic will progress in most of the world and how it will end log on Coronavirus: An Astrological ForecastThe course of the pandemic will be somewhat different from country to country depending of the country’s astrological chart. To read more, log on to Coronavirus in the U.S.: An Astrological Forecast.

On a Positive Note

Saturn/Pluto conjunctions always mark dramatic worldwide transformations. In spite of coronavirus—or maybe because of it—this conjunction will renew our world. Your astrological chart may provide you with a profound insight on how this conjunction may affect you personally, what problems may arise and when, and how to deal with them. For more information, log on to in a new tab).