Coronavirus Vaccines and Treatments: Astrological Forecast

The number of cases in the U.S. will be rising until mid-November due to Saturn and Pluto orbiting close to their conjunction in September-October, and Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in mid-November of 2020. After mid-November, the pandemic will start winding down and practically end by April 2021. To read more, log on Coronavirus Pandemic: Astrological Forecast for the U.S. 

The number of deaths will continue declining due to various treatments already found in April-June 2020. In November-December 2020, more and better treatments as well as vaccines will be found and rapidly implemented. In 2021, these new medicines will make this virus no more dangerous than the common flu. Here is why I have come to these conclusions:

Saturn in Aquarius

During the last three Saturn transits through Aquarius, human creativity was at its peak, and many creative ideas were successfully implemented. The introduction of internet browsers in the 1990s, sending men into space in the 1960s, and dramatic development of airplanes in the 1930s, all occurred during such Aquarian transits. Saturn will reenter Aquarius in December 2020 and will stay in this sign through 2022. Most likely, this transit will be as conducive to technological innovations as the three such transits that preceded it. Saturn’s brief visit to Aquarius in the summer of 2020 marked promising advances in developing treatments and vaccines. Therefore, it is also very likely that another Saturn’s enter into Aquarius will produce the same results as early as in December 2020.

Uranus in Taurus

The previous Uranus transit through Taurus took place in 1934-42. This period includes the period of 1939-42, the first three years of WWII, during which astounding progress was made in the military medicine. The survival and recovery rate of the wounded soldiers was far greater than in the previous wars. This success was due to the war efforts. The same will be true today in our global war against the virus, during which many nations have mobilized their resources in developing the vaccines and treatments.

Triple conjunctions 

In 1941, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus formed a triple conjunction in earthy Taurus, its influence somewhat similar to the current Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto triple conjunction in earthy Capricorn. In January and February 2021, Jupiter/Saturn conjunction will square Uranus in Taurus, its influence somewhat similar to the triple conjunction in 1941. This similarity in the planetary aspects in 2000-21 and 1939-42 may be pointing to advances in medicine in the latter period that will be of the same magnitude as they were in the former.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

The triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will take place in October and November 2020. Jupiter stands for universities and their research laboratories, Saturn symbolizes the government and Pluto represents financial institutions. So, this conjunction points to universities, government agencies working together on the implementation of various treatments already found. In November-December 2020, both Jupiter and Saturn will form a conjunction to Pluto in the U.S. chart. This indicates that that focused and combined efforts of research centers, governments and financial institutions all over the world in discovering, testing and producing even more and better treatments as well as vaccines, which will be rapidly implemented as early as in December. Jupiter will remain in Aquarius through 2021. Saturn will linger for one more year, while Uranus will remain in Taurus until 2026. These transits indicate that the newly discovered coronavirus treatments and vaccines will make this virus no more dangerous than a common flu as early in 2021.

Uranus, Neptune and Eris

Uranus/Neptune semi-square has been mainly responsible for all the hype, misinformation, fraud, 1939-42 and erroneous conspiracy theories about this virus in 2020. In the same period, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto triple conjunction formed a square to Eris, which stands for violent rage and chaos. The triple conjunction takes place in the 2nd House of Money in the U.S. while forming stressful aspects to many components of this chart. This indicates that the vaccines and treatments have become the point of contention between various political and economic interests. As a result, this square between Eris (disorder) and Pluto (death) in 2019-20, has been mainly responsible for the high death rate due to confusion, disinformation and fraud. 

Eris/Pluto square and Uranus/Neptune semi-square will end by April 2021. By that time, most of the coronavirus controversies will dissipate, and effective vaccines and treatments will be easily available.

On a Positive Note

The triple conjunction will renew our world. Already in 2022, our economy, trade, international relations, healthcare, entertainment and travel will never be the same. Instead, they will be better. So, “Do not let this crisis go to waste.” Now, is a great opportunity to make your life anew! To read about how an astrological analysis can help you to change your life, log on to Astrological Consulting.