Globalists vs Deplorables

The 2020 election, the most scandalous and contentious in the U.S. history, is a culmination of the Cold Civil War that began with Trump’s impeachment in December 2019. This occurred when Eris, a newly discovered planet that stands for revolutions and civil unrests, and Pluto, which stands for death and destruction, both formed stressful aspects to the U.S. Ascendant, Ceres and Mercury, the influence of these aspects being similar to those formed by Eris during the Civil War. This conflict is not between Biden and Trump, nor is it between Democrats and Republicans. These two men and two political parties are just the symbols of a class struggle involving billions of people around the globe, and the culmination of this struggle is here and now. 

The Globalists

In the U.S., the main antagonists in this class struggle are the Globalists and the Deplorables. The Globalists’ financial interests coincide with free trade, free flow of capital and unrestricted immigration, legal and illegal. Most of the Globalists reside in the large cities of both coasts. There, huge profits of international mega corporations are shared with all classes of society by the trickledown economics. 

The Deplorables

Originally, it was Hilary Clinton who called Trump’s voters deplorable. Since then, the Deplorables have been caring this name as a badge of honor. Most of the Deplorables are the middle class and working poor residing in inner states of the Union, even though a large number of them can be found among small business owners of the coastal areas. While the Globalists’ income comes from trade and service industries, the Deplorables are mostly involved in agricultural and industrial production. Due to the U.S. high living standards, the Deplorables cannot compete with cheap foreign labor and therefore are the greatest losers from globalization. 

Who Will Win?

It is obvious that the economic interests of the Globalists and Deplorables are irreconcilable and can only be resolved through conflict. Who will win?

The 2020 presidential election indicated that there is about equal number of Globalists and Deplorables in the U.S. Nevertheless, the Globalists have gained an enormous advantage since the New World Order began in the 1990s. To read more log on Who Rules the World Really? Since then, the economic and political power of international mega corporations, especially those involved in information technology, has grown enormously. Through political contributions, they now control the leadership of both parties and mold the public opinion through mass media, both social and traditional. It appears that the Deplorables are bound to lose. However, it is not the super-wealthy, but the planetary influences that determine the outcome.

Rise of Nationalism

The Globalists’ influence began to rise dramatically in the very beginning of the Uranus/Neptune 172-year cycle in the 1990s. This indicates that the will surely subdue the Deplorables by the end of this cycle in the 2160s. However, the Deplorables have temporarily prevailed during Uranus/Neptune semi-square in 2016-21. Besides, Donald Trump, this semi-square brought other populist leaders to power in Eastern Europe and Brazil. Meanwhile, Brexit took place, and strong anti-globalists sentiments have grown dramatically in Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Most importantly, a leader with a purely nationalistic agenda has gained an absolute power in China. 

The influence of Uranus/Neptune semi-square is reactionary. It has temporarily reversed the globalization process, during which some of the exesses of globalization have been reduced. Besides, the influence of Pluto/Eris square and Chiron/Uranus semi-sextile manifested in the robust economy and rise of the stock market, which contributed to the popularity of Donald Trump and other populist leaders thus benefiting the Deplorables.

Pandemic and Economic Collapse

In January 2020, a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto came in effect. The influence of this triple conjunction brought about the pandemic, quarantine and worldwide economic collapse, all blamed on Trump and other populist leaders, while providing a huge boost to the Globalists.

Twilight of the Gods

Twilight of the Gods is a Scandinavian myth immortalized by Wagner that depicts a war between the Northern Gods and evil giants in which the Gods perished. In our time, the Gods symbolize the social and traditional media that have been fully and unapologetically on the side of the Globalists. Unfortunately for the Globalists, the power of these Gods of Information has already reached its greatest potential during the triple conjunction, and starting with the last Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in mid-November, their ability to influence the masses will begin to decline. So, the Globalists have only one more week to physically remove Trump from office and take over the Senate while Jupiter/Eris square is still in effect. Both appear highly unlikely.

Rise of the Deplorable

With Jupiter orbiting away from its conjunction to Pluto and moving toward its conjunction to Saturn in December 2020, while Uranus and Neptune are coming closer to their semi-square in March 2021, the Wheel of Time has begun to favor the Deplorables. They will have the upper hand through 2023 due to Pluto return to the place it occupied during the War for Independence. Frankly, it were not the city intellectuals—there were very few of them at the time—but the 18th Century Deplorables who fought in this war on the American side against the all-powerful British Globalists. Pluto return is likely to favor them one more time in 2021-23 as it did in 1775-83.

How and When Will It End?

No matter who will reside in the White House, the struggle between the Globalists and Deplorables will continue through 2022, with Pluto’s conjunction to Pluto in the U.S. chart and Eris’ semi-square to the U.S. Ascendant. In November-December 2020 and January 2021, this struggle may become violent. To read more, log on American Second Civil War? Starting from February 2021 this struggle will be conducted by mostly peaceful means. By 2023, the shortsighted oligarchs who unsuccessfully attempt to rule the world today will be replaced by their wiser competitors. These new enlightened oligarchs will find a way to incorporate the Deplorable into the modern world. Frankly, there is no other way. If most Deplorables lose their jobs and businesses due to the quarantine or outsourcing, the U.S. tax revenue will be cut by half, and the number of welfare recipients will grow dramatically. This will result in a worldwide economic collapse, the like of which we have not seen since the Great Depression.

In 2023, the current conflict between the Globalists and Deplorables will begin to dissipate. It will end soon after the last Eris square to Pluto in the U.S. chart in 2033.

Bright New World

In spite of this conflict, the U.S. and the rest of the world will enjoy a period of economic growth and political stability in 2022-32 the like of which the world has never seen. To read more, log on Bright New World.