How to Deal With Income Inequality

Let me start with an obvious fact: Most economists and politicians agree that income inequality between the super wealthy and the rest of the world is growing. The wealth of the top one percent of the population has become greater than that of the lower 90 percent combined, according to Ray Dalio, (Why and How Capitalism Needs to Be Reformed– This gap is growing by the minute. 

Barak Obama and Donald Trump both made fiery speeches addressing income inequality when they ran for office, but could not or would not do much about it once they were elected. (To learn more, go to Rigged Economy.) The Democratic candidates campaigning for the 2020 presidential election are making grand promises to address this problem, and everyone on the right and on the left agree that it is a BIG problem. They even propose some partial solutions. Unfortunately, no matter who gets into the White House in 2020, the next President will be unable to bring substantial change to this income inequality. 

Here is why:

 During Pluto’s perihelion in November 1989, we have entered a new Globalization Era. This New World Order, imperfect as it may be, will be more noble, stable, peaceful, prosperous and just than the one it has replaced and it will last approximately 860 more years. (To learn more, go to New World Order)

Historically, the most important political, social, and economic processes that emerge at the beginning of every astrological era will continue through the era. During the first 30 years of this Globalization Era, humanity made gigantic progress in connecting the world via the Internet, and lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and propelling them into the middle class. It is certain that our world will continue moving in this direction for another eight centuries.

Unfortunately, unfair income distribution is also a feature of this Globalization Era. (To read more, go Rigged Economy.)The gap between the super wealthy and the rest of us has grown dramatically and keeps widening at a fast pace. Together with this growing wealth, the ruling elite has rapidly increased their political power. All over the world, we find that it is not the people but the oligarchs who elect politicians through political contributions. Thus, it is not elected officials, but oligarchs who determine policy through lobbying and/or the Deep State. In many countries, they do not even bother with elections, but if they do, their elections are an obvious farce. (To read more, go Who Rules the World Really?)

Fortunately, our political system will not become the totalitarian state described in Jack London’s dystopia, The Iron Heel, for a simple reason: The Wheel of Time cannot be turned back. (To read more about this, go to Planetary Positions at the start of the Globalization Era). Instead, political systems in most of the world will gradually become Norway-style semi-socialist states with free health care, free education, and at least some form of welfare. Unfortunately, this may take up to a century to fully emerge, but the direction is already obvious.

So, you cannot count on your politicians to make the world a better place for you any time soon. Even with the best of intentions, which most of them do not have, they will be able to legislate and implement some improvements, but the changes will come so slowly that only your children and grandchildren will benefit from them, not you.

Obviously, you have to seek your own personal solutions to income inequality. Such solutions are unique for everyone. As a result, I cannot offer you the solutions that work for me. However, I can provide a template on how to discover your own solutions.

  1. DESTINY. Some people come into this world with a special Destiny, which is a road to the ultimate fulfillment in life. Very few are able to discover their Destiny on their own. So, I direct you to read my book, Discover Your Life Purpose.
  2. EMPLOYMENT OR BUSINESS. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not your education, experience, or dedication that determine your success in the workplace. Instead, it is your psychological make-up that is responsible for success or failure in business or employment. Some of us are born managers, but cannot follow orders. Others can follow orders, but cannot manage. A few are able to succeed in their own business, but for most of us employment is the best choice. We are born with innate abilities to perform some tasks at work better than others. Unfortunately, most of us are not Jacks-of-all-trades. Performing work for which you are not suited brings average results at best, no matter how hard you try. To discover careers in which you are bound to succeed, as well as those where you will certainly fail, read my book, Midlife Career Change.
  3. MONEY. Every person is born with an ability to generate sufficient income with minimal effort. This ability, called Midas Touch, is truly unique in each of us, and very few have exactly the same set of innate skills to generate money. Contrary to popular belief, your Midas Touchis rarely found in employment. Instead, it will manifest through investments, real estate, relocation, social skills, or almost anything other than employment. For more, read my book, Psychology of Money.

Another way to discover your path to a meaningful and prosperous life is by analyzing your astrological chart. To learn more about this, go to Astrological Consulting.

We are living through a transition from the old European Era (1494-1989) to the Globalization Era (1989-2867). Most of our trials and tribulations are due to this transition, and many of these problems will diminish, or even disappear, within a few years. In spite of these problems, this transition can provide opportunities for professional and financial success. We are probably too far into the cycle for another Apple or Facebook to emerge, but you still have a few years to succeed on a grand scale. Use them wisely!