March 2016 update


As I have written previously, a new Era of Globalization began in November 1989. This era will last for more than eight centuries and will be marked by peaceful coexistence of world superpowers, economic prosperity and technological advances never seen in history. Devastating wars similar to those raged in the previous century or an economic crisis equal to the Great Recession in 2008-09 will not occur in our lifetime. Definitely not in 2016. However, problems—and some of them rather serious—will arise.

Economy and Stock Market

March 2016 is marked by Jupiter/Saturn and Uranus/Pluto squares, and these squares are in harmonious relationship to each other. In addition, all the planets forming these squares are in harmonious relationship to Chiron (a large asteroid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus). Such planetary arrangements usually coincide with the periods of economic growth, and rising real estate and stock prices. The last top of this 7-year Bull Market is likely to occur at the end of March.

The Crisis of 2016-21

As we have already discussed in my previous articles, the forthcoming economic crisis of 2016-21 will be as severe as the one that broke out in the 1971-74. As in 2016-21, in 1971-74, Uranus and Neptune also formed a semi-square, a 45° angle between them always associated with economic and political crises. Such a crisis will begin this summer and continue on and off through the spring of 2021.

This Uranus/Neptune semi-square in 1971-75 brought us the Yom Kippur War, high inflation, a sharp fall of the dollar, and the resignation of President Nixon. It also brought us an economic crisis. Similar effects can be expected in 2016, when Uranus and Neptune are again at a 45° angle, such as:

  1. 20-30% decline in the DJIA;
  2. A significant rise of gold and other precious metals prices;
  3. An economic recession in the US and around the world; and
  4. Falling real estate prices in the United States by at least 5%.

European Union

While surviving the crisis of 2016 for most of us in the U.S. will be quite simple, the European Union will face much greater problems such as:

  1. Greece’s inability to pay its debts.
  2. Sharply deteriorated economic situation in Eastern Europe.
  3. The likelihood of a serious political crisis in the Balkans.
  4. The intensification of mass protests against immigration and immigrants, as well as against bailing out of Greece.
  5. Mass demonstrations by hundreds of thousands of Muslims as well as by anti-Semites of all stripes as a reaction to virtually inevitable new escalation of violence in Palestine. At the moment, however, it is impossible to say whether it will happen in 2016 or a year later.


Simmering civil wars in Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan and Somalia will continue. Their intensity will decrease significantly. However, they will become patchy, all against all, as has already happened in Syria. There is a great likelihood of unrest in South Africa.


The global economic recession in 2016-21 will be most acute in Russia and other former Soviet republics. Putin’s regime will be under stress, but Russian President will still be able to hold on to power till mid 2017, but not much longer.


The military conflict in East Ukraine will end this year. However, this country will remain in economic and political turmoil for a few more years. Another popular uprising, or even several of them are still very likely in 2016-20.

Terrorist Acts

The number of terrorist attacks by Muslim extremists will significantly increase. Paradoxically however, the number of victims of such attacks will significantly decrease. Instead of well-organized terrorist attacks like the recent ones in Paris, we will observe senseless murders of innocent civilians committed by loners prone to mass psychosis common during stressful aspects of Uranus and Neptune. Most of these attacks will happen in the Middle East. They will also occur in Europe, USA, Argentina, and Russia.

Racial riots in the US

Already last summer, Uranus and Neptune came pretty close to this unfortunate angle of 45° between them marking racial riots in Ferguson, Cleveland and Oakland. This summer, similar riots will spread to other parts of the country and will become even more intense and prolonged.

Internet Commerce

There will be greater instances of hacking into corporate, government and private computers. In spite of security measures, cyber criminals will continue to be far ahead in technological innovations, which will result in reduction in Internet commerce and will make it especially difficult for online banking. This will continue untill the vast majority of the Internet users establish an acute awareness of the growing dangers of cyber crime and start implementing measures to protect their personal data.

“Through the thorns to the stars”

The 5-year economic crisis that will begin in a few months will lead to new advances in science and technology, as well as to a more equitable and more rational reorganization of society. Besides, the disturbing events of 2016 will barely touch most of my readers. So, sit comfortably in your chairs. The events that will determine the course of history for the next 100 years and beyond are taking place on your TV screen.