New Cold War

Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its poorly masked invasion of East Ukraine in the beginning of 2014 led to the economic sanctions as well as Russia’s political confrontation with the West. Are we on the verge of another Cold War or worse? The Theory of Astro-Economic-Cycles can help us to answer this question.

New Cold War Begins

During the last years of Gorbachev’s Presidency, Russia’s relationship with the West was amicable, and remained so through most of Eltsin’s Presidency as well. In 1999 however, President Eltsin threatened to go to war against NATO siding with Serbia against the Western powers supporting the Kosovo Albanians. Since then, the rift between Russia and the West has been slowly growing while Russia was regaining its economic and military strength. At the time of this writing in November 2014, it appears that the New Cold War is already upon us. How long will it last? Will Russia ever normalize its relationships with the U.S. and E.U.?

Neptune/Pluto Secondary Septile

In 1999, Neptune and Pluto entered their septile aspect forming 51.4° angle (1/7 of the circle) between them. They will remain in or close to this septile through the first half of 2016. Neptune/Pluto septiles do not have a good reputation. Some of the most devastating wars in history took place under them, including WWII. WWI started under Neptune/Pluto semi-septile, and the Napoleonic Wars—under Neptune/Pluto bi-septile. Do we have to fear another world war coupled with a worldwide economic collapse anytime soon? No, we don’t. Fortunately, there are five varieties of Neptune/Pluto septiles, each of them exerting its own unique influence. The current Neptune/Pluto secondary septile is quite different from the other four. Violence indeed rises during such secondary septiles, but it has never come even close to the level of a world war. Judging from history, another world war will not occur in our lifetime!

Reversing the Wheel of Time

With the progression of the current secondary septile it became obvious that Russia began to regress into what it was under primary Neptune/Pluto septile in 1937-44. Fortunately, it still far from becoming an “Evil Empire” like the former Soviet Union, but the first steps toward this transformation have already been taken.

In Search of Imperial Glory

Unfortunately, Russia is not the only one regressing into its past. The influence of the secondary septile blinded other nations with a vision of imperial glory. For the first time since the Vietnam War, the U.S. got involved in prolonged foreign wars in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Former superpowers, England and France, also significantly increased their military operation abroad. The English joined the Americans in the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, while the French are trying to restore order in their former African colony, Mali. China is also affected by the influence of this Neptune/Pluto secondary septile, as can be seen in its territorial disputes with its neighbor states. Meanwhile, Iran is trying to convince the rest of the world of its superpower status by trying to build nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, the ghost of the Ottoman Empire has been reawakened in Turkey trying to play a superpower role in the Middle East. Even miniscule but oil rich Qatar has gained a great deal of political influence by financing the Arab Spring in the Middle East. Terrorist organizations were also on their own quest for imperial glory. Thus, one of Al Qaeda’s objectives is a creation of the Muslim Caliphate, while ISIS and Boko Haram are claiming they have already created one.

End of the New Cold War

Fortunately for us all, our current secondary septile will end in 2016, and all the quests for imperial glory will soon end with it. So, this New Cold War will end soon after it barely began. This is likely to happen during Uranus/Neptune semi-square in 2016-21. Historically, such aspects marked dramatic improvement in Russo-American relationships. Thus, Uranus/Neptune semi-square in 1971-75 marked President Nixon’s visit to Moscow resulting in dramatic increase in political and economic cooperation between these superpowers. We may expect that another Uranus/Neptune semi-square in 2016-21 will produce similar results.

End of Putin’s Presidency

All Uranus/Neptune stressful aspects in the 20th century marked changes in Russia’s leadership as well as radical shifts in its foreign and domestic policies. Last time it occurred during Uranus/Neptune conjunction in 1991-95. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991, Eltsin replaced Gorbachev as Russia’s Supreme Leader and soon initiated drastic domestic reforms. Meanwhile, the Cold War ended, and Russia’s foreign policy became pro-Western.

Similar changes are likely to occur during Uranus/Neptune semi-square in 2016-21. This semi-square will mark the end of Putin’s Presidency, and new leadership will end this New Cold War with the West. Read More.

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