Post Election Syndrom

How to cope with post election blues and rages?

To some, Trump’s election brought a sense of despair and of inevitable doom, while others became so enraged by the outcome that they took part in violent protests against what they perceived to be America’s slide into a fascist dictatorship. If either of these responses is your case, you are under the influence of Uranus/Neptune semi-square. In reality, this planetary aspect cannot produce any great disaster. It can only invoke in some the false sense of a forthcoming doom. This doom will never materialize, the wheel of time cannot be reversed, Trump will not start a nuclear war, and the U.S. will never become a racist or a fascist state.

Uranus stands for freedom, creativity, innovation and rebellion. The negative side of it is explosive and irrational anger frequently directed toward the innocent. Neptune stands for art and spirituality. The negative side of it is an escape into depression, addiction or delusion. Under the influence of Uranus/Neptune semi-square, the masses always express the negative sides of these two planets.

Uranian personalities are those who love freedom above all. Many of them are unable or unwilling to follow orders. Nevertheless, they usually do well professionally and financially due to their creativity and innovation. Astrologically speaking, Uranian personalities usually have Uranus in close conjunction, opposition or square to their Ascendant, Sun or Moon while forming stressful aspects to other planets.

Under the influence of Uranus/Neptune semi-square, misguided Uranian personalities have assaulted Muslims and Jews, shot police officers, and vandalized properties of local merchants during anti-Trump rallies. Fortunately, they are fully capable of a positive response to Uranus/Neptune semi-square, which would include political activism and peaceful demonstrations. Be clear about what is possible and do not be influenced by demagogues, who incite violence. Some of these demagogues are delusional, others are double agents trying to discredit your movement. Be modest in your objectives. No revolution on a grand scale ever occurred in the U.S. under aspects similar to Uranus/Neptune semi-square. Neither will it happen under this or any other aspects during the next 100 years and perhaps never. Nevertheless, modest positive changes will result from your efforts, such as the transformation of our economy to insure a fairer distribution of wealth in this country and around the globe.

For Neptunian personalities spirituality and/or art is most important. Astrologically speaking, Neptunian personalities usually have Neptune in close conjunction, opposition or square to their Ascendant, Sun or Moon, while forming stressful aspects to other planets, and/or many planets in the 12th House. Like their Uranian brethren, Neptunian personalities may have hard time adapting to the stresses of modern life. Nevertheless, they usually are quite successful due to their acute intuition and incredible imagination. However, their intuition is leading them astray this time. No national or global catastrophe is possible under Uranus/Neptune semi-square; Trump or no Trump. The negative expression of this personality is escaping into hopelessness and/or addiction, or even worse joining a cult lead by a charismatic and insane Guru, who alone can lead them to salvation, or so he says. If any of that sounds like you, the positive strategy here would be to focus on your true values, renewing your commitment to spiritual practices, and most of all, constantly reminding yourself that it is not Mr Trump, but your own Karma reflected in your astrological chart that will determine your fate. You do not want to be subject to fate. Your own free will can change fate, and Mr Trump will not be able to do anything about it.

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