September 2018 Update

Following more than two years of labor, my new book, Impeachment or not? Future of Trump’s Presidency: An Astrological Forecast, is available on my website,, and Meanwhile, Dorrance Publishing is considering my book for publication.
To determine whether or not President Trump will ever be impeached, I thoroughly analyzed 19 astrological charts, including his chart as well as the chart of the United States. An astrological explanation why Donald Trump got elected and what are his chances to re-election are also included.
Below is my astrological interpretation of some of the political and economic events that are taking place and yet to come:
Impeachment or Not
The current legal crisis faced by President Trump due to the convictions of his former associates will NOT result in his impeachment anytime soon. The planetary influences mainly responsible for this crisis come from the Lunar Nodes and Uranus, both forming stressful aspects to the astrological chart of the United States and at the same time to Donald Trump’s chart. These influences are not strong enough to cause Trump’s impeachment and will dissipate by the end of October 2018. However, the current Uranus/Neptune semi-square, which is responsible for one of the most controversial presidency in our history, will still be in effect through the election year of 2020, and this will be the year when more serious legal problems will challenge Trump’s authority. Will he be impeached? Will he resign? Will he overcome all these challenges and get re-elected? You will find the answers in my new book, Impeachment or Not, Future of Trump’s Presidency: An Astrological Perspective available on
Trade Wars
Our trade war against half of the world is not an isolated phenomenon unique for our times. Similar events have been taking place every 493 years, the length of the Neptune/Pluto cycle. Every time, Neptune and Pluto formed a septile (51.4°, 1/7 of the circle), aging superpowers, such as the U.S., attempt to reassert themselves, while new superpowers, such as China, reach the limits of their expansion. Every Neptune/Pluto septile in the past marked wars between aging and emerging superpowers with negative consequences to both. All these wars ended in a draw resulting in a decline of aging superpowers, while emerging superpowers stopped expanding. Fortunately for us, a shooting war between the U.S. and China will not take place. In 1989, the world has entered the New Era of Globalization, and the wars between superpowers similar to those taking place in the previous centuries will not rage for the whole duration of this new era, which will last for another eight centuries. So, the results of our trade wars are quite predictable. The U.S. will not Become Great Again. We may be able to temporarily postpone the inevitable. Jobs will always go to where labor is cheaper, and capital will always go to where profits are higher. In most instances, it will not be the U.S.
As a result of this trade war, America’s influence on the world affairs will continue declining, while China’s economic expansion will slow down significantly. Even though Chinese economy will surpass ours in a few decades, China will never dominate the world. Instead, together with the U.S. it will lead the world into the New World Order of economic cooperation, peaceful co-existence and abolition of all borders between the nations. It may take eight centuries however.
On a Positive Note
“Your successes and failures in 2017-21 will depend on your Karma reflected in your astrological chart and on your own free will, and Donald Trump, or anyone else for that matter, will not be able to do anything about it.”