Stock Market in 2017-21

As of the time of this writing on April 23, 2017, the Trump rally in stocks seems to be over. Unfortunately for investors and traders, the Dow descend from the all time high on March 1 signifies not only the end of this rally but also the end of one of the longest Bull Markets in history that lasted for eight years from March 2009 through February 2017. Here is my astrological analysis of the last rally and my prognosis of what is going to happen in the next four years.

Trump Rally

First leg. The Trump rally has occurred due to two major planetary influences. One of them was a natural economic force of investor’s and trader’s optimism, symbolized by Uranus/Pluto square. This square has been in effect since 2011 and was partially responsible for the current Bull Market. In November-December 2016, Saturn formed a semi-sextile to Pluto and a trine to Uranus. The combined influence of these three planets was responsible for the first leg of the Trump rally.

Second leg. In February and March of 2017, Uranus and Pluto came close to their square (3° off exact aspect) one last time. At the same time, stationary Jupiter has been forming an opposition to Uranus timing the current top of this rally. The final top has already occurred on March 1.

So, if the market is left to its own natural development, the final top has been reached, and a Bear Market has already begun.

Market Management

Besides Uranus/Pluto square, another planetary aspect, Neptune/Pluto septile (51.4°, 1/7 of the circle) has also been responsible for this prolonged Bull Market in 2009-17. This aspect has been in effect since 1999, and in the next winter we will see the last of it. Neptune/Pluto septile symbolizes the market management by the governments in favor of the financial elite. Indeed, never in the history of the human race were the world economy and the stock market so successfully managed as in the last 9 years.

Unfortunately for the financial elite, Neptune and Pluto are moving away from their septile. As of today, on April 16, 2017, they are already 2° off the exact aspect and will be 5° of this summer and fall. With the septile gone, the financial elite’s ability to support the upward movement of the Dow will significantly diminish until the next winter when Neptune and Pluto will come close to their septile again one more last time.

Bear Market

Starting in March, a Bear Market in stocks has commenced to last for about three years due to the influence of Uranus/Neptune semi-square. This semi-square has already occurred in the 1970s timing a severe recession and 43% decline in the Dow. I believe that the Dow’s chart for 2017-21 will be very similar to the one in 1971-74.

First Leg Down

The Dow in the 1971. From the top in April 1971 to the bottom in November-December 1971, the Dow declined 13% in 8 months.

The Dow in 2017. In April 2017, the Dow’s decline will be slow, perhaps even barely visible. By mid May however, the downward movement will become obvious. Most likely, the first bottom will be reached during the last week of September 2017 with Jupiter/Uranus opposition, and Mercury/Mars conjunction in opposition to Neptune. During this 7.5-month move, the Dow is likely to decline by 13%. It is also possible that the Dow will continue declining through October and will be saved by Saturn/Uranus trine in November.

Rally in 2017-18

1970s. The Dow was rising for 11 months from December 1971 until November 1972.

2017-18. The rally is likely to occur in October 2017-March 2018. 6 months – 9% up.

Second Leg Down

1970s. The Dow was in decline from November 1972 until August 1973. 18% down in 10 months.

2018-19. From March 2018 thru June 2019, the Dow will lose 25% of its value in 14 months

Rally in 2019

1970s. Dow was rising from August thru October 1973: 2 months –  6% up.

2019. Dow will rise from June till September 2019. 3 months-9%.

Third Leg Down

1970s. Dow declined from October 1973 thru December 1974. 14 months-34%.

2019-20. The Dow will decline from September 2019 thru April 2020. 6 months – 15%.

Rally in 2020

1970s. A rise in the Dow occurred from December 1974 thru June 1975: 38% in 6 months.

2020. The Dow will rise from April 2020 thru September. 5 months – 31% up

The Last Decline

1970s. In June-July 1975: 6% down in 2 months.

2020-21. Dow will decline from September 2020 thru Feb 2021. 15% down in 5 months.

posted on April 24, 2017