Twilight of the Gods is a Scandinavian myth immortalized by Wagner that depicts a war between the Northern Gods and Giants in which the Gods perished. Nothing is eternal under the sky, and even the Gods who had ruled the world for thousands of years were still mortal. 

Explosive Growth

In our time, the all-powerful Information Gods are the social media mega corporations. The economic and political power of these Modern Gods and their ability to influence the masses has been growing dramatically during Neptune/Pluto septile (1/7 of 360° circle) in 1998-2016. Historically, the influence of this septile always produce rapid expansion of the newly emerging powers, and the recent period was no exception. Originally, our Modern Information Gods were progressive and benevolent providing us with incredible services either for free or very cheaply, while their political influence has been growing as fast as their popularity. 

Mortal after All

Unfortunately, no explosive growth can be maintained indefinitely, and a few years after the end of this septile in 2016, our Information Gods began to appear quite mortal. Under Uranus/Neptune semi-square in 2016-20, we have discovered that these originally progressive companies were no different than other monopolies, all of them mainly interested in power and profits. By 2020, we have also discovered that these Gods favor large established corporations, and are almost useless for marketing small emerging businesses.

Historically, all large organizations founded in the beginning of any cycle are likely to evolve or at least persevere through the end of this cycle. Thus, Apple Computers founded in 1978 under Eris aphelion—the point of its furthest separation from the Sun—is likely to lead the information technology world for 559 years, the duration of the Eris rotation cycle. (Eris is a newly discovered planet the size of Pluto.) Amazon was founded in 1994 during Uranus/Neptune conjunction. Therefore, it will persevere at least through the duration of 172.5 Uranus/Neptune cycle. Most of the rest of the Modern Information Gods, American and Chinese alike, were founded during Neptune/Pluto septile. Historically, the influence of such septiles produce explosive growth, but this growth will slow dramatically and may even reverse when the septile ends. 


In 2016, the Information Gods together with traditional media were instrumental in Trump’s election even though they totally disagree with his election platform. They help Trump for two reasons: His provocative statements glued the public to their sites, and the Gods did not believe he could win. Since Uranus/Neptune semi-square came in effect in 2017 ushering the period of fake news, these mega corporations have been totally and unapologetically on the side of Democrats. This became especially apparent during the Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto triple conjunction in 2020. These Information Gods have already reached the peak of their power during the last Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in November 2020, and this was the time when they began to censor any material that contradicted the narrative of the U.S. political establishment, especially related to COVID 19, Hunter Biden and 2020 election fraud. 

Counter-Suggestible Deplorables

After the last Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in mid-November, the Information Gods’ popularity and their ability to influence the masses are bound to decline. Even at the peak of their power in November 2020, they were not able to prevent 75+ million Deplorables (this was how Hilary Clinton called Trump’s supporters) to vote for Trump. In spite of all the censorship, about half of the Americans believe that the election was fraudulent and the quarantine is useless. The Masters of Information did not realize that the Deplorable have a genetic predisposition to resist the pollical correctness of the established norms, and any propaganda bounced off them. 

The Law of Diminishing Returns

In mid-December 2021, Saturn, which stands for restrictions, will enter Aquarius, a sign of social media. So, expect the censorship in the social media to continue for 2.5 more years while Saturn transits through Aquarius. The effectiveness of this censorship will be progressively diminishing. According to the Law of Diminishing Returns, more censorship will only produce the opposite results by making the censored information more desirable and the censored bloggers more skillful in avoiding censorship. In the same period, the Gods of Social Media will be censored and restricted themselves by many legislatures around the world. This process has already started during a brief Saturn entrance into Aquarius in the spring of 2020. Besides Saturn, Jupiter, which stands for expansion, will also enter Aquarius in mid-December 2020. This transit of Jupiter will be beneficial for new innovative social media companies that will successfully compete with the old Gods of Information in 2021 and beyond. Many who were censored by the Modern Information Gods, myself included, are flocking to, and other similar companies. has 10 million users in the beginning of the new Saturn/Pluto cycle. It might have a few hundred million by the end of this cycle in 2033. Like Giants of the old myth, these new arrivals to the field of social media and information technology are already competing with our Information Gods. Let’s join these new companies while we still can.