Wars in 21st Century

On September 11, 1990, President Bush Senior announced the beginning of the New World Order of peaceful resolution of international conflicts, rapid scientific and technological progress and worldwide economic prosperity. His declaration was not accidental. It nearly coincided with two spectacular cosmic phenomena, Pluto perihelion in 1989 and Uranus/Neptune conjunction in 1991-94 marking the beginning of our new Globalization Era in 1989. Read more.


With raging wars in the Middle East and an ongoing conflict in East Ukraine, it is hard to believe that this new Globalization Era will be the most peaceful in human history. However, the recent spike in violence is a temporary phenomenon caused by Neptune/Pluto septile (51.4º, 1/7 of the circle) and Uranus/Pluto square (90º). Under similar planetary positions of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the 1520s, one Neptune/Pluto cycle ago, the whole Europe, the Middle East and India was engulfed in war, and casualties were counted in millions, far greater than between 140,000 and 320,000 killed in Syria by mid 2015. Since each Neptune/Pluto cycle lasts 493 years, similar dramatic rises in violence were observed about one thousand years and two Neptune/Pluto cycles ago, three Neptune/Pluto cycles ago, and so on. As soon as Neptune/Pluto septile and Uranus/Pluto square end in 2016, violence will subside. After the end of another stressful aspects, Uranus/Neptune semi-square (45º) in 2021, most of the world including Russia will return to the times of peace, prosperity and global cooperation of the 1990s, as indicated by the planetary positions at the very beginning of this new astrological era in 1989. In that year, Pluto, which in political astrology symbolizes the military as well as a military-industrial complex, formed harmonious aspects with all other four slow moving planets, and this indicates that this new Globalization Era will be essentially peaceful.

It is noteworthy to examine the difference between planetary positions during the previous transition from one astrological era to another that occurred in April, 1494. Then it was marked by stressful aspects of Pluto to Uranus and Chiron. (The latter is an asteroid which orbits between Saturn and Uranus.) Those stressful aspects of Pluto pointed to violent wars and revolutions that plagued the previous European Imperial Era. Similar stressful aspects of Pluto pointing to violence can be found during the transition into the Muslim Era in 627 A.D., into the Roman Era in 241 B.C. and into the Middle Eastern Era in 738 B.C. So, our new new Globalization Era is the only era in human history that started with Pluto forming only harmonious aspects to all slow moving planets as well as Chiron in its very beginning which indicates that our Globalization Era will the most peaceful in history.

Types of Warfare

Unfortunately, the peace on earth will not be established any time soon. Certainly not in our century. Based on what we have observed in the beginning of our era since 1989, violent wars between nations with millions or even scores of millions killed are fortunately a thing of the past. So far, most of the 21st century wars were subversive military conflicts symbolized by Pluto in Scorpio. Pluto, God of death in Greek mythology, stands for wars. The sign of Scorpio stands for underground, hidden and at times highly manipulative. As a result, most of the wars fought under Pluto in Scorpio were civil wars. Each of these civil wars was fought not by two main antagonists, but by 3-5 militias representing various ethnic or religious groups struggling for control of oil, diamonds, gold or other natural resources, such as the Libyan civil war. There, besides the local militias, many neighbor nations and even NATO also participated directly or indirectly. Pluto in Scorpio also stands for hybrid wars and asymmetrical warfare. A typical hybrid war is being fought by Russia against Ukraine, conducted mostly by Russian special forces and mercenaries as well as a relatively small number of regular troops supported by local militias. Read more. All acts of terror, cyber wars, targeted assassinations, drone warfare and asymmetrical warfare fall under the domain of Pluto in Scorpio.

Geography of Wars

As was in the beginning of the Globalization Era, so it will continue through most of this era. Therefore, most wars of the 21st century and beyond will take place in Africa, the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Balkans. The vast majority of them will be civil wars which will not be even nearly as devastating as wars of the last three centuries fought in Europe and East Asia.

Weapons of War

In every transition from one era to another, new weapons of war are introduced and soon widely used. As an era continues, such weapons are constantly modernized but never change their essential nature. Thus in the beginning of the previous European Colonial Era in 1494, in all armies and navies of Europe and Persia, muskets, guns and explosives began replacing swords, pikes and arrows as main weapons of war. Such weapons based on gunpowder had been known for centuries, but used occasionally by Chinese and Mongolian military. Only in the beginning of the 16th century, such weapons found their wide use. The beginning of our new astrological era witnessed new weapons of war based on computer technology, including but not limited to drones, smart bombs, night vision glasses, satellite surveillance and anti-rocket defense systems. Most likely, these weapons will continue to evolve, but no fundamentally new types of weapons will find wide use till the end of our new era in 2856.

Cyber Wars

Cyber wars is a new method of warfare introduced in the beginning of the new astrological era and is likely to become a lot more widespread as the 21st century progresses. Cyber conflicts involving the U.S., Iran, China, North Korea, Russia and Israel, as well as terrorist organizations, such as Hamas, Al Qaida and ISIS, have become quite common. There are many other cyber wars that are still under the radar of mass media. These wars involve large corporations spying for trade secrets, many countries not mentioned above and obscure terrorist groups. Potentially, cyber wars may inflict a lot of damage and they surely will become more dangerous as cyber technology progresses. However, such wars will always remain lot more “humane” than the wars of the previous eras.

Wars of Collective Security

The first of these wars was the Persian Gulf War in 1990-91 in which most of world nations joined the U.S. in its war against Iraq in order to liberate Kuwait. Eight more of such wars have been and are being fought since then. In the last one in 2015, Saudi Arabia supported by many Arab states and the U.S. joined a civil war in Yemen fighting the side that allegedly threatened its security as well security of the world oil supply. Such wars of collective security will still occasionally erupt in the 21st century, but with lesser frequency and intensity.

Propaganda Wars

Propaganda has been widely used in war through all recorded history, but only with the use of Internet it has become one of its crucial weapons. Unfortunately, it is not the U.S. or other technologically advanced states are the most proficient in propaganda wars, but terrorist organizations, especially Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaida and ISIS. Propaganda wars correspond to the position of Pluto in Scorpio in the beginning of our new era. The negative side of Pluto is death, while the negative side of Scorpio is subversion, manipulation and deception. Pluto in Scorpio also symbolizes sex and rebirth. No wonder that the followers of this death cult called ISIS, most born under Pluto in Scorpio in the 1990s, enroll in thousands attracted by televised well staged beheadings and a promise of 72 virgins in afterlife. Another ugly side of propaganda wars was a highly successful strategy applied mostly by Hamas and Hezbollah. In their wars against Israel their main objective is influencing the public opinion of the West and of the Muslim nations in their favor. They achieve this objective by conducting their war on such a way as to inflict maximum casualties upon their own population. So far, this strategy has been working like a charm, and Israel has not been able to offer any successful defense against it.

Reduction in Violence

With the end of Neptune/Pluto septile in 2016, the level of violence worldwide will diminish, but still remain quite high through Uranus/Neptune semi-square in 2016-21. Read more. After Neptune/Pluto begin approaching their sextile at the end of 2021, violence around the world will decrease dramatically and remain low at least till Neptune/Pluto square in 2058.