About the Astro-Economic Cycles

About Astro-Economic Cycles

“The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.”
Robert Jordan, The Wheel of Time

This quote is a poetic description of the cyclical nature of human evolution. But what are these cycles of history? How long do they last? What cycle are we living through now, and what should we expect in the future?

The articles available on AstroEconomicCycles.com can answer these questions. These articles summarize my 12 years of research into the relationship between economic cycles and cosmic cycles, various patterns formed by the planets of our solar systems during their rotation around the Sun. By analyzing the planetary cycles that occurred during dramatic political and economic transformations that forever shaped American and world history in the past, I may be able to forecast America’s and the world’s economic and political future. And yes, I can show you that astrology does work in forecasting world events if you click here. I suggest that you start exploring this website with the article entitled America and the World in 2014-16. Then, you may choose to read some other articles of interest. For your comments and questions, contact us.

It is impossible to interfere with the movements of the planets. These movements reflect the cyclical evolution of the whole cosmos, including the cultural and political transformations around the globe. Thus, the global political cycles are developmental, unstoppable, and irreversible, and they cannot be turned sideways. Armed with the knowledge of such an inevitable future, we can still take actions to modify the course of events, as well as their outcomes, as long as we work with the world’s developmental trends rather than against them. This website has been designed to liberate you from unnecessary worries and anxieties about future economic and political crises that will never happen, and alert you to those that will.

The future is predictable though never in all details. We may succeed in accurately forecasting many future events, yet some of them will still surprise and astonish us.
It is the author’s greatest hope that this book it will attract the attention of our politicians and industry leaders positioned to use the knowledge of the planetary cycles to make our country and the world a better and safer place. The knowledge of a possible future is an awesome power. Use it wisely to create a gentler and kinder world for yourself and others.


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