Violent Protests in 2020

 Since May 27 through June 1, “mostly peaceful” violent protests raged on the streets of the largest cities of the United States the like of which we have not seen since the civil rights protests of the 1960s. We watched with disbelief—some horrified, others delighted—how the actions of the protesters, looters, police, mayors, governors, members of Congress and the media, social and otherwise, were masterfully organized and seamlessly synchronized. It appears that there were some political geniuses who orchestrated these protests that triggered such rapid and irreversible changes in the very fabric of our society. Well, maybe. Most likely however these protests are the results of six long-term planetary cycles that converged together at the same time and manifested in the form of violent protests worldwide.

Uranus/Neptune 173-year Cycle

This is what I wrote in my article, Recession in 2017-21, posted on my website on June 9, 2013: The previous Uranus/Neptune semi-square in 1971-75 coincided with mass protests and riots inside the U.S. Under Uranus/Neptune semi-square in 2016-21, we may also expect mass protests and riots by tens of thousands erupting across the nation, and it may take thousands of police to restore order. I repeated this forecast in my book, Impeachment or Not, Future of Trump’s Presidency, written in the early 2017: Under Uranus/Neptune semi-square in 2016-21, mass protests of tens—perhaps even hundreds—of thousands will erupt across the nation. They are likely to turn into violent confrontations with police and national guards. Numerous race and prison riots will also take place, and it will take thousands of police—and perhaps the army—to put them down. 

The logic behind my forecast was very simple. At the very beginning of the current 173-year Uranus/Neptune cycle in 1992, the Los Angeles Riots took place. This indicates that similar events are very likely to take place under all Uranus/Neptune stressful aspects during this cycle, including the semi-square (45°) in 2016-21. To read about Uranus/Neptune semi-square, log on America’s War with Iran? 

International Nature of the Protests

The U.S. is not the only nation affected by these violent protests in May-June 2020. The Black Lives Matter protests also took place in many European countries, as well as in Korea, Japan and Australia. Meanwhile, mass protests unrelated to this issue are taking place in Belarus, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Brazil and even Russia. In fact, since Uranus/Neptune semi-square came in effect in the summer of 2016, mass protests, riots and revolutions became a norm not only in the U.S., but also in Algiers, Sudan, France, Germany, Sweden, Lebanon, Iraq and most of South America.

Why in 2020?

Besides Uranus/Neptune semi-square, five more stressful planetary aspects came in effect in 2020. The most important of them is a triple conjunction between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. To read more, log on Planetary Aspects in 2020 and the Rise of Street Violence

Why in May-June?

At the end of May, a unique planetary was formed. Nine heavenly bodies, including the Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Ceres, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Eres form stressful aspects to each other and also to the United States astrological chart. This particular planetary configuration was also responsible for these protests turning violent and deteriorating into race riots. To read more, log on Street Violence and Horoscope of America’s Destiny.

How Long Will They Last?

In most of the world, incidents of civil unrest will dramatically diminish by the end of 2020 and practically end by April 2021. In the U.S. however, they may continue until 2023. To read more, log on National Identity Crisis

On a Positive Note

The violent protests started during Saturn/Pluto conjunction, the very beginning of the new Saturn/Pluto cycle (2020-53). Such conjunctions occur only once in 33-40 years and last for a year while marking dramatic and positive transformations worldwide. This conjunction will renew our world. So, “Do not let this crisis go to waste.” Now, is a great opportunity to make your life anew! Do not delay changing your life and use this opportunity wisely! This is especially true for those with the Sun, Moon or the Ascendant from 22° through 27° of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and/or Libra, and/or from 7° through 12° of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and/or Virgo. To read about how an astrological analysis can help you to adapt to theses inevitable and irreversible changes, log on in a new tab).