Bright New World: An Astrological Forecast for 2020-35

My current astrological forecasts published on my site as well as on FB may have appeared quite depressing to many of my readers since they were focused on the birth pains of the new Saturn/Pluto 33-year Astro-Economic Cycle, which coincided with the America’s National Identity Crisis in 2020-23. Every birth is painful, and so is every crisis. Nevertheless, in spite of the pandemic and the rise of violence—or maybe because of them—the current triple conjunction between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, a rare cosmic phenomenon that occurred only once in 436 years during the last 1500 years, will transform our world. From 2021 and through 2035, we will be living under highly favorable aspects between Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and this will result in an unprecedented prosperity, technological progress, social harmony and cooperation between nations. The rise in violence and social unrest that I have been forecasting recently will not directly affect most of my readers. The current “mostly peaceful” protests seem to be a propaganda war conducted by at least six international players with enormous economic and political power. At least this is the conclusion I have made by following the money trail: “Who is positioned to make huge profits from the outcome.” This propaganda war is designed to scare you into submission or at least to win your votes. The level of violence in the U.S. and around the world will continue rising until December, and there is even a possibility of a new America’s war to flare up at any moment. Nevertheless, this will only affect your TV screens and computer monitors, but not you personally. The current social unrest and coronavirus pandemic both will end in most of the world by April with the end of the planetary aspects that caused them, and a new and brighter 33-year period will begin shortly after.