Will President Trump Recover from Coronavirus?

On October 1, 2020, Trump tested positive for the Coronavirus. Will he recover fast enough to repeat the miracle of 2016 in 2020 and “Make America Great Again” for four more years? Will the most admired and at the same time most hated president in the U.S. history besides Lincoln survive this “Chinese Plague?” 

The timing of Trump testing positive for Coronavirus infection is not accidental. In fact, I predicted that he would be seriously ill three years ago in my book, Future of Trump’s Presidency, published in 2017:

“From May 2019 through May 2021, transiting Uranus and Neptune will form stressful aspects to the most problematic area of Trump’s chart, which includes its most important components, such as the Sun, the Moon, the Nodes, Uranus and Pluto. Uranus will be traveling through the Ninth House of Donald Trump’s chart, which among other things stands for anything legal and/orforeign. One of the most obvious interpretations of this transit would be unexpected (Uranus) legal challenges (Ninth House) related to foreign relations (Russia or any other foreign nation.) Since Uranus rules the Sixth House of Health, Trump’s health may also deteriorate during this period.”

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He surely had the legal challenges with the impeachment, and his illness also came right on schedule. On October 1, Mercury formed an exact sesqui-square (135°) to Neptune, and both of these planets formed stressful aspects to Uranus in Trump’s chart. Meanwhile the North Node formed a conjunction to his Sun. Uranus and the Sun in the airy sign of Gemini in Trump’s chart negatively affected by Mercury, which rules lungs and bronchials, and Neptune, which stands for infections. This clearly points to a pneumonia-like illness, especially with Uranus ruling the 6th House of Health in Trump’s chart. 

Will He Survive?

Unfortunately for Trump’s supporters and to the delights of Trump’s haters, and the latter include many Chinese, Russians, Europeans and Iranians, first Mercury and then the Sun will form stressful aspects to the Moon, Lunar Nodes, Sun, Pluto and Uranus in his chart through November 2, 2020. As a result, it will not be easy for him to recover, but Trump will survive even though he may have health complications following his recovery. His health will be problematic close to October 18-20 with Venus forming a square (90°) to Uranus and the Nodes in Trump’s chart, and close to October 24-27 when Mercury will return to the same place it occupied during the onset of the illness on October 1 and October 2. On that days, Mercury will form a conjunction to the Sun and both of them will be forming a sesqui-square (135°) to Uranus and the Nodes in Trump’s chart. Due to the signs involved in these semi-square aspects, Gemini and Scorpio, his lungs and colon and/or bladder may be affected. Heart problems are also likely since the Sun is involved.

Will He Lose the Election?

Not necessarily. The same planets that affect Trump’s chart will simultaneously form stressful aspects to Mercury and Uranus in Biden’s chart. At the same time, Biden has other multiple stressful aspects to Mars in his chart. Like Trump, Biden may also have health complications in 2021.

Crisis as an Opportunity

In the President Trump’s chart, twelve out of fifteen of its major components (80%!) are involved in a web of septile relationship. Nine out of fifteen of these components (60%!), including the Sun and Moon, are located in signs and houses related to professional success. Septiles in one’s chart frequently points to incredible talents and abilities combined with ruthless determination toward power and status, and they can only be activated in crisis. No wander, he is an Economic Messiah for some and Hitler incarnate for others. In fact, DJT functions much better in crisis, he thrives in chaos and often wins against impossible odds.

On November 3, 2020, the transiting Nodes will form an exact conjunction to Trump’s Nodes and the Moon thus triggering most of the septiles in his chart. In addition, transiting Pluto and Chiron will form quintiles to his Uranus and Neptune. In spite of his illness—or maybe because of it—these planetary influences may provide him with a chance to pull it out one more time on November 3. Well, if the election happens at all. For more information, check my book, Impeachment or Not. Future of Trump’s Presidency: An Astrological Forecast.