Who Rules the World Really?

The political football has become very entertaining these days. With the widespread use of social media under Uranus/Pluto Square in 2011-15, even the most outrageous political pronouncements create a huge response on Facebook and Twitter, providing politicians with the hope of instant fame, infamy, or both. The more outrageous the statement, the greater the publicity. This became quite obvious during Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, under Uranus/Neptune semi-square. His remarkable success was mostly due to his outrageous statements. And no wonder. Uranus stands for the Internet and social media, while Neptune, the planet of Hollywood, is associated with special effects and “fake news.”

Under Uranus/Neptune semi-square, Anastasia Ocasio Cortez took the stage of instant fame, invoking the hope of a Green New Deal in some, and the fear of a Soviet-style, socialist totalitarian state in others. Finally, Ilhan Omar, recently elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, took her shot at instant fame. Her criticism of Israel and the statement about the tragedy of 9/11 caused a storm of condemnation as well as a tidal wave of support on Facebook. Well, negative publicity can also be good publicity. 

Should we take the words of our politicians seriously? No, we should not. Their public statements, no matter how outrageous, do not matter, even when they believe what they are saying, which is rare. It is neither elected officials, nor heads of state that determine major government policies in the U.S. or in most of the world. It is the notorious one percent. (Or to be more precise, one percent of the one percent). The influence of the super wealthy is growing by the minute, and this cannot be changed. 

And now it is my turn to make a few outrageous statements: 

Our democratic institutions are losing power as they become more and more dysfunctional. Within a century or less, our elected officials will be mere figureheads, like the senators of the Roman Empire. However, do not lament our dying democracy. True democracy never existed at the first place. Even the Founding Fathers of the American nation were wealthy men, most of them slave owners. The government they created was a republic not a democracy. In truth, true democracy is contrary to human nature. The human race survived precisely because it was able to develop hierarchal societies with highly specialized groups performing highly specialized functions. There will always be an elite group that is destined to rule as the rest is destined to follow, and a few social misfits like me to criticize them all.

Do not take me wrong; I am not forecasting gloom and doom. On the contrary, my forecast is highly optimistic. During Pluto perihelion in November 1989, we have entered a new Globalization Era. This New World Order, imperfect as it may be, will be more noble, stable, peaceful, prosperous and just than the one it has replaced, and this new era will last approximately 860 years.

Here is why: 

On September 11, 1990, President George H.W. Bush announced the beginning of a New World Order, with peaceful resolution of international conflict, rapid scientific and technological progress, and worldwide economic prosperity. His declaration was not accidental. It nearly coincided with two spectacular cosmic phenomena, Pluto perihelion in 1989 and Uranus/Neptune conjunction in 1991-94. Pluto perihelion—when Pluto reaches its closest proximity to the Sun—takes place every 248 years, while Uranus/Neptune conjunction happens every 173 years. Whenever these two rare cosmic phenomena occur within 15 years of one another, a monumental cultural shift takes place; a transition from one astrological era to another. (To read more, go to New World Order)

Historically, the important political, social, and economic processes of a new astrological era continue throughout most of that era. During the first 30 years of this Globalization Era, humanity made a gigantic step in connecting the world via the Internet, as well as lifting hundreds of millions from poverty and propelling them into the middle class. It is certain that our world will continue moving in this direction for another eight centuries.

Unfortunately, unfair income distribution is also a feature of the Globalization Era. Since its very beginning, the gap between the super wealthy and the rest of us has become greater than in the end of the previous era, and it keeps widening. (To read more, go to Rigged Economy) Together with their growing wealth, the ruling elite has also been expanding their political power. Throughout the world, it is not the people but the oligarchs who elect politicians through political contributions. It is not elected officials, but oligarchs who determine policy through lobbies and the Deep State. In many countries, they do not even bother with elections, or if they do, the elections are an obvious farce.

Meanwhile, the political influence of international corporations is growing with incredible speed. Just imagine: from 2000 through 2018, Apple Computers has grown its revenue 175 percent each year. Google, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba, Bidu, and dozens of other multinationals have also enjoyed incredible success. Compare these with China, which has been growing (a fake) seven percent per year. (In reality it was about five percent. The other two percent came from building ghost cities that are still empty.) These multinationals already wield substantial political power, and the same can be said of the banks that are “too big to fail.”

So, the free market capitalist economy is slowly dying and democracy is dying with it. Karl Marx predicted that free market capitalism would be replaced by what he called state capitalism, which is the merging of multinational monopolies with governments. This is what we observe today. Fortunately, our political system will not become a worldwide totalitarian state described in Jack London’s dystopia, The Iron Heel. Instead, it will become more like a Norway-style socialist state, with free health care, free education, and generous welfare. Unlike Norway, the multinational corporations’ board of directors will govern the world of the future. This may take a few hundred years to fully emerge, but the direction is already obvious.

But do not fear the growing power of the oligarchs. As a class, they proved themselves able to achieve incredible results in running multinational corporations, providing decent income to their employees, and generating technological progress worldwide. Imperfect as they are, they would be much better rulers than our current politicians.

 Do not lament capitalism and democracy, which never existed in their pure form to begin with. The trials and tribulations of the transition period that began in 1989 will end in four to five short yearsduring which the shortsighted and incompetent oligarchs who rule the world today will be replaced by competent ones. The birth chart of the New Globalization Era confirms this, as it points to a much greater social harmony in the centuries to come.  

So, let’s welcome the future world of prosperity, stability and peace, and ignore outrageous statements of our politicians. They achieve instant Facebook notoriety, but not much else. It is not they who rule the world. Unfortunately, neither do we.