Formulae of Impeachment

Already during his election campaign, Donald Trump achieved unprecedent degree of notoriety. As of 2019, millions love him, hundreds of millions like him, while billions fluctuate from mild dislike to outright hate. His presidency is the most controversial ever in U.S. history, and a great number of Americans passionately desire to impeach him. Will President Trump be impeached?

Based on the obvious similarities between the fates of two presidents ever impeached by the House of Representatives, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, as well as of Richard Nixon who resigned to avoid impeachment, I created two astrological formulae of impeachment presented below:

Johnson-Nixon Formula of Impeachment

The cases of Andrew Johnson, impeached by the House of Representatives, and Richard Nixon, who resigned to avoid such impeachment, shared four common astrological denominators: 

  1. Uranus/Neptune stressful aspect was in effect during major events related to impeachment; 
  2. Stressful aspects from transiting either Uranus or Neptune or both to the Sun, Moon, Lilith and Saturn in the U.S. chart occurred during major events related to impeachment; 
  3. A conjunction to the Sun in the U.S. chart from Saturn or Uranus took place during major events related to impeachment; and
  4. Their first presidential election took place during or close to conjunctions between Uranus with Neptune or Pluto, or Pluto’s aphelion or perihelion. The latter being the points of Pluto furthest separation and closest proximity to the Sun.

Clinton Formula of Impeachment

Based on the observation of President Clinton’s impeachment process, we can construct the Clinton Formula of Impeachment. According to this formula, a U.S. president is in danger of impeachment if his presidency meets four of the following criteria: 

  1. His or her first election takes place during or close to Pluto aphelion or perihelion, or a conjunction formed between Uranus and Neptune or Pluto.
  2. Impeachable offences take place during transiting Uranus or Neptune or Pluto forming a conjunction to Pluto in the U.S. chart, while a septile aspect between Neptune and Pluto is in effect.
  3. The impeachment hearings in the Congress take place during a septile aspect between Neptune and Pluto.
  4. The impeachment occurs when Neptune or Pluto forms a conjunction to the U.S. Ascendant.

There have been forty-four presidents since George Washington’s election in 1789. Only three of them presided at the times when the combination of the above astrological phenomena took place. Therefore, we may have discovered two astrological formulae of impeachment that would apply not only to the presidents discussed here, but to future U.S. presidents as well. 

Fortunately for President Trump and unfortunately for those who hate him, neither of the above astrological formula applies to him. Therefore, I have come to the unavoidable conclusion that President Trump will not be impeached. 

If you are interested in the analysis of Donald Trump’s astrological chart, the astrological reason he got elected, and his chances for re-election, check my book, Impeachment or Not, Future of Trump’s Presidency: An Astrological Perspective