The Ukrainian Crisis

Unfortunately, my previous forecast regarding political instability in the Eastern Europe proved to be accurate. Read more. I am still convinced that this crisis is far from over. The intensity of this Russo-Ukraine War will dramatically increase in November-January, and the war will continue at least till mid 2015. A here is why:

Stressful Aspects of Saturn

In this period, Saturn will join Uranus/Pluto square with a sesqui-square to Uranus and a semi-square to Pluto. At the same time, Neptune and Pluto will form a septile (1/7 of the circle, 51.4°). Almost identical combinations of planetary aspects have occurred twice in Russian history. Let’s examine what transpired bearing in mind that similar cosmic phenomena are likely to produce similar political events.

Ukraine during 1521-22

Exactly one Neptune/Pluto 493-year cycle ago in 1521-22, under the planetary aspects between Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto similar to the current ones, Russia concluded a war against Poland and Lithuania. As result, Russia recaptured from Lithuania the city of Smolensk. Due to the stiff resistance of Poland and Lithuania, Russian expansion into the west was halted for more than a century. Russia began expanding into the east and south instead.

Ukraine during 1030-31

Two Neptune/Pluto cycles ago in 1030-31, Russia—it was called Kievan Russ at the time—recaptured West Ukraine from Poland. At the same period, the Russians also conquered a part of Estonia. However, stiff resistance by the Poles, Germans and Hungarians prevented Russia from expanding westward any further. Thus, Russia’s expansion into the west was halted for almost 500 years. Instead, several years later Kievan Russia expanded south by taking control of Crimea. The positions of Pluto and Neptune at the time were almost identical to the time of the Russian take over of Crimea in March 2014. The aspects between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus were also almost very similar.

Saturn /Uranus/Pluto Semi-Squares in the 20th Century

In 20th Century, there were two instances with Saturn semi- or sesqui-squares joining Uranus/Pluto stressful combinations similar to those which will occur in 2014-15. They took place in September-December 1918 and June 1947-June 1948. In both instances, Russia expanded into the west. Each time it occupied at least a portion of Ukraine. In both instances, West Ukraine fought prolonged and bloody wars against the Russians, while most of East Ukraine sided with the Russians, as is the case today.

Ukraine during 2014-15

Throughout its one thousand year history the national character of Russia has not substantially changed and probably never will. Therefore, Russia cannot help it but keep on trying to resurrect its former imperial glory. As occurred under similar planetary aspects in the past, Russia will continue its attempts to expand westward in 2014-15. Due to fierce resistance by Ukraine and economic pressure by the West, especially by Poland and Lithuania, the Russian expansion westward will be halted. Russia will be able to hold on to Crimea and to other territories acquired in 2014-15.

Russia after 2015

In 2016-21, Russia will be preoccupied with its internal political crisis, economic depression and insurrections in North Caucasus. Sometime in this 5-year period, President Putin will lose his post. Most likely, it will occur in 2017. Read more. Also in this period, the New Cold War will end, and Russia’s foreign policy will become pro-western again. Read more. Thus will end Russia’s last attempt to reassert its imperial glory. Read more.

Published on October 29, 2014. Updated on June 12, 2015