July 2016 Update

U.S. Presidential Election in 2016

From the very founding of the United States, there has always been a correlation between our presidential elections and the movements of the planets. At the time of the next presidential election on November 8, 2016, Uranus and Neptune will be in semi-square (45°) and will remain in this semi-square through January 2021, which includes the duration of the next presidential term. Let’s examine what happened under similar aspects in the past.

Since the writing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, Uranus and Neptune formed seven stressful aspects, their influence on the presidential election appears to be nearly identical to Uranus/Neptune semi-square taking place now. Each of these aspects occurred at a time of a presidential election, and during every such election but one, the winner belonged to a different party than the incumbent president he succeeded. The only exception was the presidential election of 1972. Richard Nixon was reelected by a landslide, but soon resigned in disgrace. This cannot be the case in November 2016, since President Obama is not running.

So, we will have a Republican President in the White House in 2017-20. Will it be Donald Tramp? Most likely, but not necessarily. There is still hope for those who hate Tramp, even though this hope is dim. To read more


The European Union seems to have inherited the fate of the Holy Roman Empire. The situation with Brexit is somewhat similar to what took place in Europe under similar aspects between Uranus, Neptune and Pluto about 493 years (one Neptune/Pluto cycle) ago, when this Empire began to disintegrate. This seems to be the case with all superpowers from ancient Assyria to the present day EU: once they begin to shrink, the process of disintegration becomes irreversible, as appears to be happening to the European Union. The next 4-5 years will decide its fate. If Brexit indeed takes place for real and/or other nations also leave the union, the EU will continue to disintegrate. However, if Britain remains in the union, other nations will join it as well; and a fully united Europe will eventually emerge. In a few decades, it may include even Russia or at least its European part. To read more

Economic Recession

I am still convinced that the worldwide recession in 2016-20, which I forecasted years ago is practically inevitable, and it is already taking place in Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Venazuela and in many other countries. I am also convinced that this recession will also take place in the U.S., its severity will be similar to the one that took place in the early 1970s. To read more

Stock Market, Gold and Real Estate

My stock market forecast for the period of 2016-21, which I made about three years ago, has not changed. I still believe that it will lose up to a half of its value by 2021, while the price of gold will rise dramatically as occurred in the 1970s. I also expect real estate prices to decline somewhat, but this decline will be hardly noticeable in the most desirable areas. To read more

Rise of Violence

Unfortunately, my forecast on racial riots, acts of terror, as well as indiscriminate violence committed by mentally unstable individuals came true. I am convinced that this type of violence will continue for a few more years, and at times will become even worse. Fortunately, my previous forecast on the end of the Russo-Ukrainian War in 2016 has also come true. The war has ended, even though sporadic hostilities are still taking place. To read more and The Ukrainian Crisis.

A few years ago, I made a prognosis concerning a significant rise in political instability in the Balkans. (America and the World in 2016-21. An Astrological Perspective.) It appears that this forecast has also come true with a massive act of terror in Istanbul followed by the failed military coup. Unfortunately, this is not the end. The Turkish President Recep Erdogan, belongs to a score of rulers whom I called “Great Dictators”. Besides Erdogan, these Great Dictators include Vladimir Putin of Russia, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Kim Jon-un of North Korea, Mahmoud Ahmanidenejad of Iran, and Osama bin Laden of Al-Qaeda. These individuals came to power in the beginning of Neptune/Pluto septile, which began in 1999 and will end by March 2017. Approaching the end of this septile, half of these Great Dictators have already disappeared into oblivion. In addition, the last years of this septile also witnessed the executions of two Great Dictators of the old, namely–Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi. Even immortal Fidel Castro recently retired. The last three of these dictators are still holding onto power, but probably not for long. To read more about The End of Putin’s Presidency.

Besides Turkey, we may expect dramatic political changes in the Balkans, and also in South Africa, Cyprus, the Philippines, and even in China. Dramatic political and economic changes are already in progress in Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil.

New World Order

Do not be dismayed by all the violence you see on TV. The vast majority of citizens of North and South America, and Europe will remain perfectly safe, their lifestyles barely altered. In 1989, New Era of Globalization has begun. (Go www.AstroEconomicCycles.com and click on New World Order.) This era will last more than 800 years, during which human life on this planet will improve dramatically. This will become apparent once the transition period ends in 2021. Read more